The Thinking Pod Innovations Ltd.
Ingenuity Centre
University of Nottingham Innovation Park
Triumph Road

TTPi – The Thinking Pod innovations

Transforming electronics for sustainable transport and energy systems

TTPi is an innovative, multi-disciplinary team of electrical, electro-magnetic, mechanical, thermal and control engineers specializing in design and manufacture of state-of-the-art high speed, high power density converters.

Our unique ultra technology combines disruptive innovations designed to create more compact, power dense converters and drives.

Based on our proprietary EM containment, advanced control and innovative thermal management developed over many years of leading research.

Industrial Automation

Integrated Industrial Drives

High Power Density Motor Controllers

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Picture of industrial pipes

Transport & Automotive

Ultra compact, modular converters

HV – HV, HV – LV, DC – DC, AC – DC

Integrated EMI filtering and flexible cooling

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High-power DC – AC for PV, battery energy storage, fuel cell applications

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Photograph of airplane engine


In-cabin power

High-power drives

eVTOL applications

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Power Electronics is an enabling technology.  Anything that uses or converts electronic power uses the skill sets of TTPi.