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Meeting the Gallium Nitride (GaN) challenge

A joint development collaboration between TTPi and PPM to create modular compact DC to DC converters. 

To develop a modular, bi-directional {that could be connected in either series or parallel to create a flexible power conversion system able to accommodate different voltages and currents using the same fundamental building blocks. }

Gallium Nitride is great (switching fast, allowing for lower losses and higher power density) for power density but proves to be challenging for the design (a modular approach reduces the complexities of design).

TTPi is developing modular GaN based system made up by isolated DC / DC converter blocks that can be interconnected and arranged in such a way as to adapt to any system requirements (input / output voltage, power levels ). The flexibility of this approach come from the ability to connect in series or parallel either port.

The flexibility of this modular approach enables a rapid time-to-market while fully exploiting the performance benefits of GaN

The modular approach makes it easy to create a redundant system for critical applications such as server farms etc.

This innovative approach can be used anywhere where there is a requirement for DC/DC conversion – eg automotive, aerospace

This project was developed in collaboration with PPM

{PPM helped finance the development and will help market the product}



Our close working relationship with UoN and the PEMC department gives us unique access to the {graduates} latest research working with these cutting edge technologies and state of the art lab facilities.

If you have impossibly challenging specifications our modular approach is likely to offer a solution that drastically reduces design time and cost.

Revolutionary for automotive and electrification of aerospace

Phil Surman maybe?

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